Customer Quesitons & Sign4x Answers (23)
Q: Do you provide free shipping service?
A: Of course we provide free ground shipping service, and you can also choose charged ones.
Q: Is each pannel 24"x36" or are those the dimensions of the total artwork put together?
A: Each panel is 24'' x 36'',together is 72'' x 36(width x height).
Q: How can you tell what part of your image will appear on the front of the canvas and what parts will be wrapped on the sides?
A: My experience within is the full picture is within the box but the image edge is doubled and wrapped around.
Q: Pic looks fine on computer, but preview looks like subjects far away. How can I tell which is accurate?
A: You can zoom in & adjust it however you like. Whatever the preview is,is what you will get! Drag the corners to move around!
Q: Picture size is 11mb;maximally supported for uploading is 7mb. how do i remedy this?
A: There are several ways to compress the image to meet the size limit. You can either choose to lower the quality of the image, or proportionally shrink the width/height. There are free tools like Xnview that you can edit your images with. On mobile devices, Snapseed could be a great tool. Hope this can help!
Q: I'm not a photo expert, but do photos taken with a cell phone transfer to the canvas sharply? or only professional/dslr photos? thanks.
A: It's always good to have higher quality images uploaded. However, the quality depends on it picture itself rather than the device via which it was taken. For example, DSLR might produce focusless pictures without correct exposure, while an iphone 6 is able to take stunning landscape views that used to be thought as products of a professional Nikon. There is a good way to examine: check the definition of your picture so you can make sure it's capable of being printed with the canvas size you choose, and maximize it on bigger screen to check if there is apparent noise.
Q: Can you do 12x18 Depth .75?
A: Sorry, we do not offer that size for our custom products.
Q: Is the canvas smooth or textured? (Could people sign it in sharpie?)
A: It’s textured just like a regular canvas. Yes, people can sign it with a sharpie.
Q: is it possible to get black sides instead of continuation of image?
A: Sorry, we do not offer black trim. We only do wrap around continuation of the image.
Q: Do the pictures continue on the side of the canvas (wrapped)?
A: Yes, though it matches with the next panel. It helps look correct from every angle.
Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: Please note orders placed before 11AM (PST) will be produced and shipped the same day and after 11AM (PST) will count as an order for the next business day. Your delivery time can also depend on your response time to our inquiries regarding your order.
Q: How do I track my shipment?
A: You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with tracking information as soon as your product(s) leave our factory. You may click on the tracking number in the e-mail to view transit details. You can also track your order by clicking on the "Order Status" link at the top of our site when you sign in your account.
Q: Do you ship outside the United States?
A: At this time, we cannot ship outside the United States.
Q: Is Your Canvas Waterproof?
A: Please know that all are our canvas is for the interior use only and the farbic surface of canvas is waterproopf but the wood frame not. So, we recommend you hang the canvas in the place dried.
Q: What file formats do you accept?
A: Sign4x can only accept JPG that are 300MB and under.
Q: Are there any restrictions on what type of photos can be printed?
A: You can print any digital image on canvas with us whether it be a photograph, painting or digital art. There are no restrictions on what subjects can be printed, but Sign4x does reserve the right to refuse orders with questionable content. Per our terms of sale, you must however be the copyright owner of the image or have obtained permission for reproduction from the copyright owner.