Customer Quesitons & Sign4x Answers (22)
Q: Does the pole that goes in the ground come with this flag?
A: You can choose to buy flags onlu, or go with hardwares, including poles, bases and spikes. We offer you the variety of options so you can get exactly what you need without over spending.
Q: is there any way to get a rush order or shipping so less than 10 days?
A: We are known for shipping orders lightning fast! Our standard ground shipping service is always ready to ship your order next business day and is expected to deliver within 3 to 4 business days. You can also
Q: Is the flag printed on both sides?
A: You can choose you print on only one side or both for all flags - it is all up to you! Please note that price will differ due to your choice.
Q: Do you provide free shipping service?
A: Of course we provide free ground shipping service, and you can also choose charged ones.
Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: Please note orders placed before 4PM (PST) will be shipped next business day and after 4PM (PST) will count as an order for the next business day. Your delivery time can also depend on your response time to our inquiries regarding your order.
Q: How do I track my shipment?
A: You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with tracking information as soon as your product(s) leave our factory. You may click on the tracking number in the e-mail to view transit details. You can also track your order by clicking on the "Order Status" link at the top of our site when you sign in your account.
Q: Do you ship outside the United States?
A: At this time, we cannot ship outside the United States.
Q: Do all your advertising flags work with any pole set?
A: With all of our advertising flags we offer pole,spike,ground stake,etc. for customers to choose. However, the pole set for each flag type differs from another. So, you must find the suitable flag to order.
Q: Do all business flags have to be placed in the ground?
A: Business flags can be placed in the ground with a ground stake. However, we offer other bases that allow for both indoor and outdoor use. These bases include a X-base, square base, and cross base with a water bag.
Q: Is professional installation assistance offered when I purchase a business flag?
A: Our business flags are so simple and easy to setup and use that they do not require any professional installation. In just a few steps and a couple of minutes you'll have a custom business flag ready for display. To see how simple the process is for each flag please visit the specific product page
Q: Can I customize my business flag?
A: Of course! Not only do we offer four different types of flags in terms of shape but they also come in various sizes. Further, you can choose from our library of templates or upload your design to create a unique business flag.
Q: Do you sell just the flag? Do I have to buy a pole set and other accessories?
A: Yes, we sell each of our flags as standalone items. You don
Q: Will the flags fade in the sun?
A: Like almost all other printed signage from any company, extended time in the sun will eventually cause your flag to fade.Fading will vary based on your specific use, the climate in which you live, and other environmental factors. To prevent fading, reduce the amount of sun exposure to your sign throughout its life as much as possible. This can be done by storing your flag in between uses. Nonetheless, you shouldn
Q: Can the flags get wet? Can they be used in the rain?
A: Your custom advertising or business flags are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can get wet and be used in the rain. They can then be air dried or even washed as needed afterwards. Please see the product pages for specific washing instructions if this is needed. However, use during rain or other weather may impact the lifespan of your flag. Although flags are suited for both indoor and outdoor use, when heavy or severe weather occurs, we recommend you take them down and store them until the weather clears. Failing to do so can result in permanent and irreparable damage to your flag and or pole set.
Q: How long can I expect my flag to last?
A: With proper care and maintenance you can expect the life of your flags to be 2 or more years. This also assumes that your flags are not displayed in any severe weather conditions which can permanently damage your flags.
Q: What are the flags made out of?
A: All of the flags are made from 4 oz. polyester. Polyester is a great material for flags due its great mix of strength and durability yet lightweight when compared to other similar materials used for flags. Printing on polyester also provides crisp and vibrant printing.