Understanding Abstract Art

Published: May 29, 2014 | Category: Thinking

Abstract art, what is it? Well, it is basically a form of art that does not intend to represent or depict reality. You might ask, well then how would you interpret this form of art? The answer is that you can’t as it is meaningless and impossible to understand. Abstract are is an art form that is very unique in that it utilizes numerous colors, shapes and lines to create a mash-up in a sense. There is definitely a modern feel to any type of abstract art, as it showcases vibrant colors and depicts nothing much other than a geometric or linear design. They are oftentimes minimalistic but can also be very intricate and complex.

Because abstract art is unique because it is constantly changing and developing. There is no real theme in abstract art, it is just a mixture of colors and uniform shapes and forms. The basic idea of abstract art is to think creatively. When you first look at a piece of abstract art, you may ask “what am I looking at?” because it really doesn’t depict anything. You can say that it is a design more than anything. With a creative approach, the abstract piece can depict the process of painting for the artist or even the paint itself. When you think creatively, an abstract artwork can depict many things such as a certain mood or atmosphere.

For abstract art, there is no real way of analyzing the piece. It will have a different meaning to different people, based on their age and experience. This is because as people age, they will gain more experience. So, an abstract painting will mean something very different to a child and an adult. A child would probably tell you the colors they see and the different shapes they recognize while the adult may tell you a certain design that the painting reminds them of. There are many ways to interpret an abstract piece because it is not meant to be interpreted. This gives people the flexibility to think whatever they want.

Let your imagination run wild. Abstract art is probably the most versatile genres of art because it lets us be as creative as we want. The purpose of the art is that is doesn’t really have a meaning so it forces the audience to give the art their own meaning. It really takes a person with a creative background and imagination to really appreciate this type of art. Let’s face it, art isn’t for everyone. However, those that really understand and appreciate it will see the value of it.

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