Out With the Fake, In with the Real

Published: May 3, 2014 | Category: Thinking

With a rise in the appreciation of art in modern times, canvas art has become increasingly popular due to its affordability and supreme artwork resolution. Canvas is a heavy-duty cotton fabric that is tightly woven to ensure durability, typically used by painters as a surface to create art. The popularity of canvas comes from its versatility in that a wide range of mediums can be used on it such as oil-based paints, water-based paints, acrylics, tempera, caseins, as well as embroidery. 

There are three types of canvas: stapled canvas which is canvas stretched over a wooden frame and stapled in place, stretched canvas which stretched and mounted on stretcher bars, and the canvas board which is the more affordable option of the bunch that is glued onto a cardboard backing. Canvases also come in different types of quality, faux canvas and real canvas. Faux canvas are generally more affordable because it gives photos the “look” of a canvas print, usually made with canvas-textured photo paper.

 Faux canvas is a heavy-duty, rippled photo paper, made to look like a real canvas print, that is then wrapped around a cardboard frame. On the other hand, real canvas is made of 100% cotton materials that is stretched and mounted onto a sturdy backing. Real canvases are generally more costly as they are made with real fabric as opposed to faux canvas that is made of paper. In terms of how each feel to the touch, faux canvas offers a smoother, matte feel whereas the real canvas offers a fabric texture with increased depth to the artwork. Both faux and real canvas give supreme color pay off and artwork continues to stay vibrant for many decades.

 Digital printing technology nowadays allow prints on canvas to be high quality with sharp image detail to ensure color duration. Though faux canvas is commonly used for its competitive pricing, genuine canvas is highly appreciated for its luxurious appearance and feel. We specialize in genuine canvas and offer prices you can count on. We use only the best quality real canvas to ensure optimal results for all our canvas projects.

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