How to Display Canvas Art

Published: May 27, 2014 | Category: Tips

Designing and decorating the interior of your home can sometimes be a stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be. Interior designers can set you back thousands of dollars and they are only giving suggestions on how to design your home. Don’t be afraid to take all your home décor matters into your own hands. We all have a creative side within us. Here are some tips on how to creatively display your wall art:

  • Don’t be afraid of color. Adding pops of color to your home in the form of wall art is just pure genius! Especially if your home has neutral walls and flooring, a pop of color on your walls will really give your home personality.
  • Mirrors. Placing mirrors throughout your house can actually make your home look bigger and brighter. Because mirrors reflect light, you will also get a lot more natural lighting in your home.
  • Family art gallery. Make a collage with your favorite memories with your family. You can group several canvas prints either horizontally or vertically across an empty wall in your house.
  • Size matters. When it comes to hanging wall art, choose a size that is appropriate for the space you plan to hang the artwork. Too large of a piece of art will look overwhelming in tight, small areas. Measure your space and plan accordingly.
  • Mix and match. Don’t be afraid to play around with art. Mix your family portraits with other pieces of art. This mix will surely give your home personality and character.
  • Scenery. When in doubt, adding a scenic piece to your living room will help to liven up your living area.
  • Abstract art. Don’t stray away from funky, weird pieces of art. It will spruce up your home and give it a more sophisticated feel.
  • Repeating artwork. Don’t be afraid to having repeating artwork in your home. It will keep with the theme you are trying to achieve.

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