How to Clean An Oil Painting

Published: Jun 19, 2014 | Category: Tips

Maintaining and caring for your oil painting is very important in order for it to last for many years to come. Maintenance is quite minimal but since paintings are costly investments, regular cleaning will help to ensure that the colors do not fade and the painting does not deteriorate over time. You want to make the best of your oil painting and get the most out of your money. A well maintained oil painting can be passed down to generations and generations to come. Here are some tips on how to properly care for and maintain your oil paintings to keep them in mint condition:

  • Use a very soft brush like a baby tooth brush to gently brush off any dust or dirt particles. Be very gentle because you do not want to brush off any of the paint along with the dirt. You can also use a dry rubber sponge to gently brush off any dirt. Be sure to use short, gentle strokes to avoid removing any paint and further damaging the painting.
  • Use a damp wash cloth with a few drops of dish soap to wipe off any residue. Use dabbing motions and avoid scrubbing as you may rub off the paint. Avoid getting the painting too wet as this can promote cracking.
  • Use a dry cloth to loosen up any dirt and use a small vacuum to remove the loose dirt.
  • After loosening any dirt on the oil painting, you can use a hair dryer set on the cool setting to blow off the dirt.
  • Regularly dust your oil painting with a feather duster to prevent dirt and dust build up.
  • Light brush your oil painting with break and you will be able to see the dirt and oils being absorbed and will remove surface debris.
  • A couple drops of lemon and a damp cloth can be used to remove surface grime without damaging the oil painting.
  • Another option to get your oil painting cleaned is to go to an art shop to have your oil painting professionally deep cleaned. This is probably your best bet if your oil painting has a lot of surface dirt and grime.

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