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Published: Apr 25, 2014 | Category: Idea

camera photo to canvas

With photography apps like Instagram becoming more popular, printing photos on canvas has also become more popular. Printing photos on canvas is the new trend due to its affordability and durability unlike normal photos on paper. Digital photography and high resolution printing technologies make high quality canvas photos to mimic real canvas prints that sell for hundreds of dollars. Canvas printing will make your photos look like they have been painted by an artist by hand. Therefore giving a luxurious appearance. However, canvas prints are very affordable.

Canvas is made of cotton and oftentimes with a hemp blend that is suited for high quality fade-resistant inks. Images printed on canvas are then stretched over a wooden frame to stabilize the artwork. Canvas prints are generally very durable and can last many years. Because of its durability, canvas prints have widely replaced a lot of paper prints. Since canvases are already mounted on a wooden frame, they are ready to hang right away unlike paper photos that require a frame. The main advantages of canvas prints are their durability and professional appearance.

Canvas prints offer something that paper cannot. That is the ability to bring photos to life by simply hanging anywhere you please. Canvas prints allow you to take your favorite photos whether it be from Instagram or social media platforms, and blow them up to create a professional portrait of your favorite memory. There are two ways of mounting a canvas photo: gallery wrapping and museum wrapping. Depending on if the edges of your canvas print are crucial to the appearance of the overall canvas, the wrapping method is the best option as the edges of the canvas are wrapped around the frame will be visible on all four edges of the canvas. This way, the entire image is visible from the front and will not cover any of the edge area like traditional prints that are framed. If you are looking for high quality professional prints, consider designing a canvas over the traditional prints for the professional appearance as well as the durability. They come sealed with a special sealant that will help protect the print from the surrounding environment. This sealant also prevents fading and smudging of any sort as well.

The canvas print trend has been booming ever since photo apps like Instagram became more popular. Canvas prints are a wonderful way to capture life’s most precious moments and ensure that they will last for many years to come. A canvas print is something that takes quite a bit of skill and patients to make right. Canvas prints need to be worked by hand, stretched out around a wooden frame, sealed and wrapped to ensure the canvas’ longevity. If any of these things are not done correct, you may experience fraying at the edges of the canvas and will decrease the longevity of your canvas print. Though creating a canvas print is a long and meticulous process, it is very affordable. Compared to the traditional print that requires a photo mat and a frame, canvas prints do not require any of that since they are mounted on a wooden frame. It is easier to overspend framing your traditional print than it is to create a canvas print. Don’t try to save and preserve your favorite pictures from wear and tear. Convert them into a canvas print and you’ll be sure to preserve your favorite memories for years to come.

In addition to being an amazing piece of art for your home, canvas prints also make beautiful gifts for anyone from family to friends. They are a very heart felt and meaningful gift that they will cherish and keep for many years to come. They will surely be proud to put this gift on display and show it off. If you are looking for the perfect gift, look no further! Transform your favorite photos into canvas prints and you have the perfect gift that anyone would be excited to receive.

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