Crucial Elements for a Successfully Designed Car Magnet

Published: Mar 20, 2014 | Category: Idea

Designing a car magnet be a daunting task at times especially when you are new to marketing and advertising. What makes a good car magnet? How can I make my car magnet attractive? There are many ways to design car magnets, but how effective it is truly depends on the design of the magnet itself. Here are some tips for designing an effective car magnet that will help you deliver your message and maximize the advertising effect:

  • Right sizing. When you are looking to design a magnet, think about where you will be placing your magnet. It is always helpful to measure the area before you design and purchase your car magnet. This will ensure that your magnet will actually fit the area you intend to place your ad. What is worse than getting an amazing magnet but it is useless because it is too large for the area you want to place it?
  • Less is more. Sometimes it is hard to limit your text when you have so much to say, but less is actually more. You want to make your messages short and sweet. When your text is short, people will be able to read it easily. Too long of a message can oftentimes become a distraction and chances are people will not read your whole message especially when they are in a rush.
  • Contrasting colors. When deciding what color you want your magnet to be, think about the color of your car. You want your magnet to contrast the color of your car in order for it to stand out to your audience. If you have a black car, it is probably a bad idea to get a black car magnet because it will blend right in. In addition, make your magnet text a contrasting color from the rest of your magnet. You want your text to pop and be visible from a distance.
  • Corners. A tip for preventing your car magnets from flying off your car is to have your printing company round the corners of your magnets. If your printing company does not offer rounding off corners, you can easily do this with a pair of scissors. Slightly round off the corners to make give your car magnet added security from flying off your car when you are driving at high speeds.
  • Your logo. Be sure to include your logo so your audience knows who you and what you do. This will help with brand recognition. When people think of a service of product, your brand will automatically come into their mind. This will greatly help your company with sales and boost your reputation.
  • Your information. Be sure to include the address and telephone number to your business so that people can quickly jot it down when they see your ad. You can also include your website so that people can find all your business information there.

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