Convert your Instagram Photos into Works of Art on Canvas

Published: Apr 23, 2014 | Category: Idea

With Instagram gaining popularity, pictures and snapshots have also increased in quality with Instagram filters and editing. Amazing images can be created on Instagram using their editing feature. Why not put it on canvas and make it an exceptional piece of art? You can now display your favorite Instagram photos in your room or office as art or simply showcase some of your favorite memories. You can turn your Instagram creations into a canvas print to a size of your liking to display life’s greatest memories captured through Instagram. At Canvas4Print, we offer service where you can upload your favorite photos directly from Instagram on our site to begin your customization process.

Refer to the following steps on how to create your own Instagram canvas print:

  1. Sign into Instagram through
  2. Choose the Instagram photo you would like to put on canvas
  3. Choose size for your canvas print. Keep in mind that Instagram photos are square so choose sizes that accommodate square dimensions such as 12” x 12”, 16” x 16”, and etc.
  4. Adjust your Instagram image to your liking.
  5. Check out to place order.

Instagram canvas prints have been increasingly popular lately since it has replaced much of the artwork that artists actually produce. With Instagram’s free editing feature and photo filtering option, creating a high quality, artist grade photo is easier than we think. Since Instagram is accessible and creating quality images are easier, consumers have slowly become more inclined to make their own customized art. Not only is making an Instagram canvas more affordable than purchasing a piece of art from an artist, it is also customizable which many people appreciate. They are able to capture life’s most precious moments customize a piece of art that is one of a kind.

How to make sure your photo resolution is right for Photo Canvas?

Since Instagram photos are square, you want to make sure you chose a dimension that is square to avoid over stretching the photo which can show up pixelated on canvas. The largest Instagram canvas print should be 22” x 22” to avoid a final product that is grainy and pixelated. However this also depends on the clarity of the actual photo itself. If your photo is blurry to begin with, it will be even more blurry when placed on canvas. Be sure to use photos that are clear and in HD to ensure optimal results when photos are transferred to a canvas print. The most popular sizes for Instagram canvas prints are 12” x 12” and 16” x 16”. Try not to make your canvas prints too large as they can show up grainy in the final product.

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