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Get Oil Painting Reproduction for Home Decoration

Published: Jun 25, 2014 | Category: Canvas | Decoration

Decorating your home on a small budget is tough. This is where you need to get creative and utilize what you have. If you are looking for awesome pieces of art to decorate your home, consider oil painting replicas or canvas prints. These types of artwork are very affordable and can be customized to your own liking. They are also very easy to maintain and care for.

Art nowadays have gone through the roof with its crazy range in pricing. Some pieces can really cause a dent in your bank account. However, appreciating art and collection it does not have to cost you a fortune. If you have a special appreciation for art, consider an oil painting replica on canvas. It will look just as good as the real deal but at a fraction of the cost. Not only will people not be able to tell that your painting is a replica, but it will also be a lot lighter on your wallet.

Finding the right oil painting replica is easy if you just search the internet. First, you may want to think about what kind of an image you want your painting to depict. For instance, if you want something to give your home a cozier feel you might want to get a scenic oil painting. Once you have decided the theme you want to go with, you can easily search it up online. If you don’t find ones you like, you can always customize your own on Canvas4Print.com. Simply upload you favorite image and you can convert it into a canvas print. The quality of our products are very close to that of original prints. The paints we are transfer onto canvas vibrantly and will be sure to last for many years to come without fade or deterioration.

Decorating your home does not have to be a daunting task. With a little research, you will be able to find the perfect oil painting replica for your home. This is perfect if you have a smaller budget because canvas prints are very affordable and last a very a long time. With regular maintenance and care, your oil painting replica will be kept in mint condition and look amazing in your home.

How to Display Canvas Art?

Published: Sep 27, 2018 | Category: Canvas | Decoration

Designing and decorating the interior of your home can sometimes be a stressful task, but it doesn't have to be. Interior designers can set you back thousands of dollars and they are only giving suggestions on how to design your home. Don't be afraid to take all your home matters into your own hands. We all have a creative side within us. Here are some tips on how to creatively display your wall art:

How to display canvas art
  • Don't be afraid of color. Adding pops of color to your home in the form of wall art is just pure genius! Especially if your home has neutral walls and flooring, a pop of color on your walls will really give your home personality.

  • Mirrors. Placing mirrors throughout your house can actually make your home look bigger and brighter. Because mirrors reflect light, you will also get a lot more natural lighting in your home.

  • Family art gallery. Make a collage with your favorite memories with your family. You can group several canvas prints either horizontally or vertically across an empty wall in your house.

  • Size matters. When it comes to hanging wall art, choose a size that is appropriate for the space you plan to hang the artwork. Too large of a piece of art will look overwhelming in tight, small areas. Measure your space and plan accordingly.

  • Mix and match. Don't be afraid to play around with art. Mix your family portraits with other pieces of art. This mix will surely give your home personality and character.

  • Scenery. When in doubt, adding a scenic piece to your living room will help to liven up your living area.

  • Abstract art. Don't stray away from funky, weird pieces of art. It will spruce up your home and give it a more sophisticated feel.

  • Repeating artwork. Don't be afraid to having repeating artwork in your home. It will keep with the theme you are trying to achieve.

Framed Canvas Print Art for Hotel Decor

Published: Aug 23, 2018 | Category: Canvas | Decoration

When we think of a hotel we often think about how fancy and gorgeous everything is. The only time we really get to experience something luxurious is when we visit hotels. The decor is amazing and the interior design is breathtaking. The overall environment is relaxing and serene. Hotels have the ability to help you relax due to the way it is set up, physically. The color coordination as well as the artworks are strategically put together to evoke a sense of enjoyment and induces relaxation. Thus, when people visit hotels, they are able to feel at ease and actually enjoy their vacation.

hotel canvas art

Hotel decorations play a huge role in helping people relax. Framed canvas print arts displayed in the halls of hotels as well as in the individual rooms are there to make the place more comfortable for guests. Deccor and colors evoke certain feelings and can cause people to react a certain way. Color psychology definitely plays a large role in the decor of hotels. You may notice that a lot of the artwork at hotels will have pops of red and are usually incorporate warmer colors. All of this is done to create a welcoming feeling where people will feel comfortable like they are at home.

In addition, the artwork in hotels are usually canvas prints due to their durability, affordability, as well as the luxurious appearance. The luxurious texture and appearance of the canvas print surely helps to add to the expensive experience of staying at a hotel. It almost creates the sense that staying at the hotel is much of an extraordinary experience. The artwork canvases in hotels often depict classical images such as scenery or architecture to go along with the theme of luxury. It just makes the entire hotel experience that much more luxurious.

With canvas prints being so accessible and affordable, having a luxurious piece of art for your own home is definitely something that can be done. Spruce up any room of your house with a canvas print to add that luxurious but tasteful factor to your home. With small changes in the deccor of your home, you can go from a normal home to a classic, yet chic upscale living area. You can now enjoy a stylish interior design in the comfort of your own home. Small changes in the home deccor can make a world of a difference for the way you feel in your home as well as the homes overall appearance.