Car Magnets Vs. Vehicle Wraps

Published: Mar 8, 2014 | Category: Thinking

There are many forms of advertising whether it be with banners, signs, car magnets, car wraps, or advertising flags. All these forms of advertising are highly effective but as of late, car magnets and car wraps have become increasingly popular in the marketing and promoting products and brands. This is because car magnets and car wraps are designed to promote your brand on cars that are constantly moving, thus gaining a larger audience. Wherever the car goes, there will be a new set of audience that will be able to see your car ad. This makes it more effective than any other means of advertisement that is stationary and doesn’t not move from location to location. Here is a comparison of car magnets and car wraps side by side:

car magnet
A car magnet can be applied or removed easily

Car Magnets

Car magnets come in a variety of sizes and are considered to be the best returns-on-investment you can ever make for your business. Car magnets are a one-time purchase that you can use to advertise your business indefinitely. These magnets are very affordable and take little to no time to design. The cost for each magnet is as little as $10-20 per magnet. Magnets also come in varying sizes. Smaller magnet are even more affordable and can be purchase for less than $10. Since this method of advertising is very inexpensive, it is probably best to purchase two magnets so that you can advertise on both sides of your car. Since small and large magnets do not have much of a price difference, it is better to purchase a larger magnet so that it is easier to read and more appealing to the eye.

 Imagine driving down a busy street with your car magnet advertising your business, you will get more than 100 views in just about 10 minutes. The amount of views you can get for about $10 is far better than any other marketing or advertising method you can use. When well maintained, car magnets can last a very long time. Another big advantage of car magnets is that you can get your message or promotion across to your audience without getting out of your car and physically hand them a brochure or business card. Car magnets are a better option nowadays because some consumers prefer a less aggressive form of marketing so that they can make their own decisions in terms of products or services.

car wrap
A typical car wrap that covers the entire vehicle

Car Wraps

Car wraps are very similar to car magnets but on a much larger scale. Car magnets are oftentimes smaller and sticks onto the doors of cars, while car wraps cover the entire vehicle. Car magnets are inexpensive costing about $10 a piece, while car wraps can cost thousands of dollars. Car wraps cover the entire car from the front to end. You entire car becomes an ad in itself.

 Advertising on cars have become the most effective way of advertising your brand or product because of the large amount of people you are able to send your message or promotion across to. A full car wrap can cost anywhere before $2,000 and $3,000 depending on the size of your car. SUV car wraps can range anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. Car wraps for busses can cost up to $10,000. Oftentimes, people like to do partial wraps as a full car wrap can sometimes be a little overwhelming to the audience. Car wraps for any car will surely help you stand out and help to get your advertisement noticed when in public. However, it can also seem like a distraction sometimes since it covers your entire car.

Overall, both car magnets and car wraps are very effective in helping your brand stand out. They turn your car into an impression-generating advertising strategy. This will be very effective because more people can see your ad, therefore helping your company promote your brand. Especially when you are driving on busy highways, you will gain a lot more audience than if your place up a banner which is stationary. 

Only people who pass by a certain location will see your banner. With car magnets and car wraps, people will see your car ad wherever you drive or park. Car advertisements have become a lot more popular today due to its effectiveness. If you have a smaller budget for advertisement, your best option would be car magnets due to its affordability. However, if you have a larger budget for advertising, go with the car wraps that will help you stand out more.

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