Canvas Print Care Instructions

Published: May 13, 2014 | Category: Tips

Canvas prints capture your life’s favorite memories and are meant to last for many years to come. That is, if it is well maintained and taken care of. These canvas prints may be pieces you want to pass down to other generations or even given as gifts. Though canvases are made with high quality materials, they still require proper care to preserve the canvas print for many years to come. Here are some canvas print care instructions and tips to help keep your canvases in pristine condition:

  • Use a duster to remove dirt or debris from the surface of the canvas to prevent discoloration and build up. Using a duster will not scratch your canvas. Be sure to hold canvas while dusting to avoid knocking it off your wall.
  • If you spilled something on your canvas, not to worry! Use a damp towel and a pea-size amount of dish washing soap to gently wipe off the mark on your canvas. The awesome thing about canvas is that the inks will not smear or fade when wipe when you wipe it with a damp cloth. This is because the inks are embedded into the fibers to ensure a high quality print and durability.
  • With small nicks and scratches, use archival ink pens or markers to touch up. Your local craft store should have these materials available for purchase.
  • Canvases can be hung in sunlight as we use the latest eco-solvent ink technologies in all our canvas products. Our canvases can be hung anywhere as they are very durable. Canvas can handle harsh conditions like sunshine, wind, and dust.
  • The wooden frame that the canvas is mounted on does not require any type of care. The wood we use is extremely durable and rigid that will prevent it to lose its shape over time. If for any reason your frame is losing shape, let us know so we can replace it for you.

Overall, maintaining a canvas is very fast and easy. It almost takes little to no time at all. There is nothing a little damp cloth and a duster cannot fix for your canvas. Canvases are great for those who are busy because they are very low maintenance. With high quality digital printing technologies, canvases are very durable and do not smear or fade over time. Order your canvases today and start displaying your life’s greatest moments.

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