8 Most Popular Modern Painting Styles

Published: Jun 15, 2014 | Category: Idea

In today’s society, art is widely appreciated no matter what that style is or what type. Our society has conditioned ourselves to accept all types of art and really appreciate the culture and society behind it. Here are some of the most popular modern painting styles:

Abstract Art

Abstract art is the style of art that focuses on spontaneity and does not focus on reality. Artists often use colors and shapes to convey and evoke certain emotions. Typical abstract art includes a large variety of colors along with geometric shapes and figures. Abstract art does not depict a certain image or photo, but rather it is often seen as a design.


Surrealism is a style of art that juxtaposes realistic images together to create an illogical effect. Oftentimes, this type of art is said to have dream-like qualities because the imagery depicted is surreal. This style of painting intends to emphasize the subconscious.

Pop Art

Pop art is the style of art that came from the mid-1950s that depicted objects found in everyday life. Andy Warhol is an artist that specialized in pop art and he was very good at using random everyday objects like a can of soup to create a plain yet very enticing piece of art. Oftentimes, colors are added to very bland pieces of art to make the art stand out and look more modern.


Minimalism is the type of art that is characterized by its simplicity. This type of art focuses on the subject that the artist is trying to depict. Usually, this type of art avoids vibrant colors and designs and sticks to plain, usually neutral colors. To some, this type of art may seem boring, but really it is an art form that only some can appreciate.


Futurism is the style of art that focuses on subjects like speed, technology, and the future of the world. Usually, futurism depicts man’s triumph over nature. This type of art features a lot of realism as well as color and emotion. This style of art also has a theme of movement. Usually foreshadowing the future.


Impressionism is a style of art that originated in Paris, France. It features brushstrokes that emphasize light. Usually artists who focus on this type of art like to paint outside in order to capture sunlight and the actually appearance of the objects they are trying to paint in natural lighting.


This style of art is in the name itself. It features a realistic painting of a photograph. This is done with a real picture of the subject and then painting it. In other words, this type of art is a painting of a picture. Therefore, the painting will look just exactly like a photograph. Unlike abstract art, photorealist painting must capture the realism of a photo into a painting.


This type of art is very similar to photorealism. Artists who focus on hyperrealism use high resolution cameras to capture their images and they paint them on canvas. Compared to photorealism, hyperrealism features exaggerated shadows and random objects that display lifelessness. Some say hyperrealism focuses on a false “super” reality thus giving this style of art a modern feel.

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