6 Most Popular Oil Painting Subjects

Published: Jun 17, 2014 | Category: Thinking

The great thing about art is that it consists of a variety of subjects that are all very unique and different when transformed into a painting. Though we often overlook painting subjects, they are actually very crucial to the success of a piece of art. Oftentimes when people are on the search for the perfect painting for either their home or collection, they usually have a subject in mind for the painting. For instance one might want a painting of landscape for their living room or an abstract painting for their trendy clothing store. The different subjects in paintings are very important because it can set to mood and ambiance for different locations. Here are some popular art painting subjects and how they are likely used:

  • Landscape.
    Landscape painting are in fact very versatile as they can be placed anywhere and everywhere. They are perfect for the home, office, or even business.
  • Abstract.
    Abstract paintings are perfect for places like hotels, office, or even a trendy shopping centers. Abstract art consists of a mixture of colors and geometric figures so it will surely liven up any area.
  • Floral.
    Floral art is perfect for the home as it creates a serene environment and helps to set the ambiance. Floral can make the home more comfortable and cozy.
  • Nude.
    For those who have a special appreciation for ancient Greek art, nude paintings are great for the home or collection. Nudes may be too bold for an office or store.
  • Animals.
    Paintings with animals are very versatile and can be placed just about anywhere. They are perfect to spruce up the living area as well as an office. It will also look very nice at a trendy business store.
  • Figurative.
    Figurative art is very versatile as well. They can be placed just about anywhere and will go with practically anything. It is perfect if you are unsure about what painting subject to choose. You really cannot go wrong with a figurative painting. It will definitely give any room some added personality.

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