5 Things to know about Designing a Good Car Magnets

Published: Mar 1, 2014 | Category: Tips

things to know in designing a car magnet

Designing and purchasing the perfect car magnet may seem like a hard task, but in reality it is far from that. Designing and creating your own car magnet to advertise your brand and company can be done in a few easy steps and take little to no time at all. Car magnets, when designed and produced correctly, are very helpful marketing tools to promote your growing business. Here are some easy tip to follow when you are purchasing the perfect car magnet:

  1. Keep your designs simple! With car magnets, less is more because all you need to include is they information you are sending across to your audience and a small image like your brand or company logo. Keep it simple with the information as well. Limit yourself to providing only your company name, phone number, website, and one or two of the services you provide. This is because most of your audience will be operating a vehicle when seeing your car magnet ad so you want to make it as simple as possible for them to read and process. In addition, a simpler message will allow your audience to remember your name and google the information later when they’re not driving. You do not want to overwhelm your audience with too much writing because you must remember that they are focusing on their driving as well.
  2. Full Color Graphics. When making an effective car magnet, you must think about colors that would really stand out and attract potential customers’ attention. Given that they have a limited amount of time to view your ad as they are driving, be sure to make your message short and sweet with color graphics that would make your text really pop! Full color magnets attract attention that magnets with one or two colors no longer receive. This is because one or two color magnets are not appealing to the eye. If it does not stand out, people will not notice it. Use more than two colors on your car magnets to really emphasize your ad and attract attention.
  3. File Size Matters. Be sure to have high resolution images so that they do not appear pixelated when they are blown up to fit large car magnets. The small images that looked good on your business cards will no longer work for this. Save yourself the trouble of having a pixelated logo on your car magnet by zooming in 200%-800% on your file. If the image does not look good on your computer, chances are it will not look good on your final car magnet.
  4. Measure before Purchasing! You must think about sizing options before you start designing your car magnet. Take the time to measure the surface of your car that you plan to adhere your magnet to and come up with the ideal dimensions you want your magnet to be. If your car door is fiberglass, magnets will not stick. Please try vinyl lettering or decals.
  5. You have options! Here at Car-Magnets.com the possibilities are endless. We offer other advertising products that can work out for you if car magnets don’t. We also make vinyl decals and vinyl letting for your vehicle. Browse our websites for more options to your advertising needs.

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